When should we arrive?
Please arrive 10 minutes early and allow a few minutes after you Escape for photos. 
Players arriving 10 minutes late waive their reservation and payment. 
Expect to start on time as other players are excited to get started.
Are children allowed to participate?
Yes, but please no children under 5 years of age. 
Adult supervision is required for players 13 and under. 
What is an Escape Room and why is it fun?
An Escape Room is a hands on interactive challenge to find clues, work together, and solve puzzles before time runs out!

Why Paradox?
At Paradox, Escapees will find themselves locked in a themed room with only one hour to find a way out! 

Are we really locked in?
The doors to the chambers remain closed but unlocked.

Do the rooms require physical exertion?
No, this is a mental challenge, not a physical challenge. 
Nothing requires more than gentle pressure.




Will we be in a room with other participants?
You may be combined with another group. 
You can reserve the entire room by booking all 8 spots.
How do we qualify for the Paradox Leader Board?
You must solve all puzzles and use a maximum of 3 hints.
If You Have More Questions or a Special Request
~Please Contact Us~

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