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To help do our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19, we are taking a break from offering our legendary escapes.  We are keeping up to date with the recommendations from the CDC and POTUS to limit social contact and end this pandemic. 




What is an Escape Room Game and why is it fun?


An Escape Room is a real time, live action puzzle challenge to find clues, work together with your team, and solve puzzles to crack the mystery!

Why an Escape Room at Paradox?


At Paradox Escape Rooms, potential Escapees find themselves locked in a themed multi-chamber room with only one hour to Escape.

Paradox is locally owned and operated by a family of Puzzle and Gaming enthusiasts who design and construct their own chambers that engage the mind, focus on team building, and immerse Escapees in the story lines.

How does it work?

Find Clues
Adventure through the chambers


Share your findings with your teammates

Solve the Puzzles


Combine the evidence to solve the mystery



456 W. Morthland Drive (US 30)

Valparaiso, Indiana 46383


Monday 1-7

Thursday 12-9

Friday 12-9

Saturday 12-9

Sunday 1-7


Please call for special reservations or to book both rooms simultaneously.

$25 per person